St. George Ironman

Friday, June 11, 2010

One for One

Well the Utah Summer Games started today for me with the 10k run (that's 6.2 miles for those that weren't aware). I set 3 goals for myself before the run even started. They were to finish in under 42 minutes, place in the top 20 overall, and finish top 3 in my division so I could get a medal. The race started up Cedar Canyon and was a downhill run almost the entire way. I started the first half mile with the lead pack then they started pulling away. I still ran that first mile in 5:38. That happens to be my fastest mile ever. Not the best idea with 5.2 miles still to go. I still kept a good pace for the rest of the run and finished in 39:44 (that's a 6:23 per mile pace). Goal #1 accomplished. I also finished 15th overall. Goal #2 accomplished. And I finished 3rd in my division earning myself a bronze medal for my first ever event in the Utah Summer Games. Goal #3 accomplished. So in the Summer Games I am one for one so far. It was an exciting, beautiful run down the canyon. Next up is the olympic distance Triathlon on the 19th. That one might be a little harder to medal in but I'll give it my best shot. All those 9 and 10 mile training runs paid off today. A big Thank You goes out to my running partner Joel who also ran today and finished with a personal best as well. Way to go Joel.

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