St. George Ironman

Monday, January 3, 2011

123 Days

Wow! Time has been going by so fast. There are now only 123 days until St. George Ironman. This last month and a half have been pretty active. I finished the month of November with over 100 miles of running and over 100 miles on the bike. The first time I've ever done that. Then in December I ended up with about 60 miles running and about 270 miles on the bike. My running was down but my bike went way up. My swimming miles are getting progressively further each month as well. I did some swim intervals the other day of swim, pull and kick. I have to say that my kick is pretty pathetic. I was hardly even moving. I'm pretty much getting all of my speed from my pull. Just another thing that I can improve on.

Also during the holidays it seemed like there was always junk food around the house. And of course I had to eat it. So now I've got some extra baggage to burn off from the holidays. Christmas was fun though. I got some new running shoes (K-Swiss Konas pictured) to help burn that baggage. We got to play Santa for a needy family in our area. Our kids helped us with it and it was so much fun to see them get excited about helping others. I am so proud of them. Now with the New Year behind, the resolutions are all set and it's time to get serious and take advantage of every one of the 123 days that are left! You can also see all of my swim, bike, run workouts in detail on my facebook page.