St. George Ironman

Friday, July 30, 2010

New Bike and New Shoes

So after taking a month off of writing I'm back. This last month has been semi productive. Mostly in the running area. I am now 64 days away from the St. George Marathon. I've been running an 8.5 mile course that is part of the Ironman run. I sold my Honda Civic a week ago so that I would have the money for a bike to use in the Ironman. I bought my bike yesterday, a 2009 Felt S32, from a guy that used it in the Ironman this year. It is a tri bike and it came with a trainer, so I can set it up in the house on cold days and still get bike time in. I also bought some new running shoes yesterday since my old ones are worn thin on the padding. Just need to break them in now. My wife and I got a family pass to the Washington City Community Center since our membership at Gold's Gym expired. I was swimming at Gold's but now I'm using the WCCC. I went yesterday for the first time to lap swim and did three fouths of a mile. Every Tuesday and Thursday are going to be my swim days. My running partner Joel, and my swim coach Kristal both say they'll be there with me. Thanks everyone for your help and support.